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Bodydrag – kite Beginner

Body kite beginner dragging is one of the most important techniques you should master in kiteboarding. kite beginner  It will allow you to recover the board and, in extreme cases, it might save your life, too.kite beginner

Kiteboarding beginners must learn how to body drag themselves back to the beach if an emergency occurs. In kite beginner  the early rides, it’s easy to lose a board. A wipeout, a rip current, or crash might also compromise your board, so you need to be ready to get back to terra firma.kite beginner

There are body dragging techniques for both upwind and downwind situations. You can also activate slow or fast body drag modes, depending on your kite control skills.

You will effectively drag your body across the water by making smooth sinusoidal lines with your kites. The more radical the figure eight, the fastest you’ll move. Remember that the kite should never fly to the opposite wind window.

It is also important to note, that body dragging can be quite tiring, especially if done for long periods of time. So, if your arms need a rest, get the kite at 12 o’clock and relax while floating on your back.

In all cases – slow and fast body dragging – try to keep your hands well centered on the kite bar to avoid miss-steering the kite in choppy waters.

Watch as we show you how to body drag. This in depth tutorial is packed with loads of tips and tricks, brought to you by the all-new North Kiteboarding Academy.

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