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Launch a kite – Beginner –

Beginner kite surf  Do a 180 on this thinking. Find where your locals are riding and BE part of the local crew. You will learn tons more by riding with them than trying to stay out of their way.Beginner kite surf

Beginner kite surfI tell all new students and riders to be part of the crowd for the above reasons and it’s also safer.

Beginner kite surfYou will learn:

*How to ride with others. When to keep the kite high or low when passing others. Upwind = kite high. Downwind = kite low.

*How to do assisted launches and landings.

*How to do self launches and landings once you get more experience.

*How to pick the right size kite.

Much much more.

Beginner kite surf Also, there’s an unwritten rule that the more advanced riders SHOULD look out for new riders both on and off the water. Paying it forward and good karma, but you’ll also learn what riders are selfish and look out only for themselves. They are few and far between, but some are out there.

Hope this helps,

Watch as we show you how to launch your kite. This in depth tutorial is packed with loads of tips and tricks, brought to you by the all-new North Kiteboarding Academy.

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